Understanding the Biology of ME/CFS


Metabolomics is a term used to describe the measurement and classification of the small chemical molecules (metabolites) that are synthesized inside the body. Working in collaboration with our partner, Professor James McCullagh at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, we use a method called Liquid Chromatography-coupled Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS), which is able to detect metabolites even if they are present at very low levels.


Plasma Factor

We have preliminary evidence of the presence of an unidentified factor in the blood capable of altering cellular energetics, however, this showed inconsistencies between two ME/CFS cohorts and between different muscle cell models.


Patient Subgrouping/ Phenotyping

We are currently adopting various approaches toward subgrouping patients. One approach is using metabolic profiling (metabolomics)-led subgrouping and the other is informed by an array of parameters that are captured from the Task Force Monitor which provides an in-depth profile of autonomic nervous system function. Using biochemistry-led subgrouping we are finding one cluster has a more marked metabolic dysregulation.


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